How To Install a Vinyl Sticker or Sign

Basic Instructions on how to install a Vinyl Sticker or Sign.

The size of your sticker will make a very big difference as to how difficult it is to install your sticker, it goes without saying that the larger the sticker or decal (same thing), the more difficult it will be to do the install! To make your vinyl sticker installation as simple as possible, try to be inside if you can. The wind is one of your enemies! Ensure that you have enough space. Get rid of anything, or anyone who is going to annoy you!

If you use the method of installation as outlined below, you should have no problem. If you try to rush this, or miss any steps, you may end up with a wonderful ball of stuck together vinyl, and be calling us up to print you another one!! Large stickers should be installed by professionals.. PAY THE MONEY!~!

What You will need to Install your vinyl sticker

2 people! (But the second person should understand, installation of vinyl can lead to outbursts of RAGE~!)

Spray bottle – $8.00 from Bunnings, the larger the sticker, the bigger the bottle!

Methylated spirits

Baby Shampoo – I use Johnsons.

Squeegie, or something similar – a window cleaner, about 15cm across, is perfect.

Needle to prick any bubbles, but if you follow the steps below, there will be no bubbles!

Table or flat surface

Towel to clean up.

The process

 Clean the surfaces with Methylated spirits well, and allow to dry – If you missed the VERY WELL part, CLEAN IT AGAIN!!

Make the following magic, world famous vinyl installation mixture in the spray bottle. (I should patent this!)

Add about a litre of water to the spray bottle, if your spray bottle is smaller (or bigger, you will have to do the maths.)

Add about 2 capfulls of Metho. (You should be able to smell the metho when you spray the mix. Not too strong though.)

Add 2 good squirts of shampoo, about 30 ml per 500ml. This does not have to be precise and there is an easy test. When you spray the mix on your fingers, it should feel slightly slippery. Again, this is like the porridge, not too much, not too little, just right. If you are unsure if you have enough soap, maybe add some more, as rather slightly to much than slightly to little.



Check that the vinyl fits onto the surface while everything is dry. The vinyl should be slightly larger than the surface you are going to be applying to. Once measured, move the vinyl away from the area you are going to wet.

Spray the surface liberally with the mixture. If a window, it will obviously run down the window, this is ok, but you must move quickly. Don’t be afraid of adding more of the magic mixture as you go.

Lay the vinyl FACE DOWN on a clean surface. CAREFULLY peel the paper off the back of the vinyl, ensuring that the exposed adhesive does not stick to itself, or you are in trouble. THE WIND IS NOT YOUR FRIEND!. This exposes the adhesive, Dispose of the backing paper. If the adhesive sticks to itself, call me up and order another sticker..

Spray the exposed adhesive, liberally with the mixture, quickly and deliberately. Once the soapy water is on the adhesive, the problem of it sticking to itself is minimised.

Make sure that the window is still wet, if not, give it another spray.

As the vinyl now has the mixture on it, it should not stick to itself, but you will still need to be careful.

Place the vinyl on the surface, this is much more easily done with the two of you if you have a large decal, and get it in place. It should slide, and should not “take”.


Once in place, spray the outside of the vinyl with your magic mixture – liberally – this will help your squeegie do its job. Then.. take the squeegee, and squeegee from the top to the bottom down the middle of the vinyl. Then work towards the sides, staring at the top and move downwards. Keep the squeegee at about a 45 degree angle, apply moderate pressure and working from the middle to one edge, then to the other, “squash” the water out from under the vinyl. Be careful that you do this without the vinyl creasing. If the vinyl looks as if it is going to crease, stop, lift the vinyl up, spray some more, and place the vinyl back down, using the squeegee to get rid of the crease. Bubbles are easy to get out as you can prick them, creases are not.

There should be no bubbles, but don’t panic if there are, gently work them out with the squeegee if you can, or prick them and work the trapped water or air out.

Once you get to the bottom, prick any bubbles and squeeze out the liquid that may be trapped. Dry all around the applied sticker. Bubbles will quite often disperse over time with heat. Trim the edges of the vinyl with a sharp knife or scalpel, carefully.

If the edges peel up, don’t panic, just keep squeeging them down, they will take.

If you have grey, grainy appearance under the vinyl, don’t panic, this should disappear  after a little while, often it is the soap.

That should do it, your vinyl installation is now done, stand back and accept the applause for your newly acquired vinyl installation skills!!. Take a picture and send it to us!

If you are careful with this process, you will be able to do the installation of your vinyl, but things can go wrong, especially before you spray the mix. Remember to try to keep out of the wind.

Please remember that this is a guide only, which if followed, should go well, but we cannot be held responsible for any unfortunate mishaps that may occur.

If you would like to chat about this, please click HERE to go to our contact page, or call Guy on 0421 840 465

Have a look at this youtube video on installing a vinyl sticker here.

Good luck