How to design your pull up banner.

How to design your Pull up banner

Inside banners are a different type of banners to their outdoor cousins.  The most common type of indoor banner that we make are pull up banners. These can be used very effectively for getting your message to your audience at a show, display or presentation.  Pull up banners are light, very easy to transport and can be put up and taken down in a flash.  They come with a convenient bag, and are fairly robust.

How to design your pull up banner

There are some rules that you need to stick to when you are deciding how to design your pull up banner, which will make it really effective when you take the banner to your next show or presentation.

Your awesome capture statement and logo

First off, you really need to know who your audience is, and where they will be looking at the banner from.  If people will be walking past your banner, you have to ensure that you have a very strong capture point.  Banners are 2 metres high, so at about  the height of 1.6 M, you must have a very powerful, short,  sharp statement.  This is because you have about 3 seconds to capture the attention of your prospective client who is walking past. This statement should only be 3 – 5 words, and must include a high powered capture word, like FREE, or SAVE MONEY, you know the ones, you see them all the time, because they work.

If you have now captured your clients attention with your short ,sharp, totally awesome statement – your client’s eyes will move upwards, so this is where you should have your irresistible branding –  your logo should be good enough to secure their attention. Hopefully, you now have their complete attention so they will be looking for more information.

5 bullet points and NO MORE!!

Pertinent information should be in the middle of the banner, and should be 4 or maybe 5 bullet points, remember –  less is more,  this is not the place to tell your story.

At the bottom of your banner are your contact details.  Always make your principal point of contact, which may be your telephone number, email address, or website but probably not all three –  easy to read and large enough for  those of us who need glasses to be able to read without them.  Remember to check that there is nothing obscuring your banner or the information that’s on it, especially at the base of the banner where your contact info is shown

If your pull up banner is going to be behind you at a presentation, ensure that all the content can be read from the back of that presentation area.

If you stick to these simple rules, your banner should help you to get your message across clearly and concisely and should get prospective clients to start the conversation with you that will lead to exceptional sales.

Artwork Specs

The printed face of your banner is 2000mm x 840mm, and please ADD 10mm bleed to the top of the banner as this goes into the clip, and add 40mm bleed onto the bottom of the banner, as this goes into the base. No bleed on the sides, all pics and logo’s in Hi-Rez, and supply as a pdf if possible. (We don’t want your photoshop or illustrator file!) Colours to be CMYK, and outline all text. If the file is 8Mb or less, you can email it directly to me, if over 8Mb, please nip over to Upload Artwork on our webpage which works a treat.

Always remember that you can call us on 0421 840 465  at any time to chat about how to design your pull up banner.