How to create a Pull-up Banner

How to create a Pull up banner 

Everyone loves a pull-up banner as they are very easy to use and are able to carry your visual message with outstanding effect. They can be carried to the location where they will be used by a single person and installed within a minute of arrival. They can be used to create a high impact for exhibitions, presentations or for more general use where a quick impression needs to be made. They come in a lightweight material bag, and are easily transported on aircraft or in the boot of the car. They way around 4.5 Kgs.

There are many types of bases used to make pull-up banners, we are able to make your standard banner in 24 hours, ready to go to the courier, or to be collected from us. If you need a more executive banner, please let us know, and we will get a quote to you quick smart. We have been using the standard bases for years now, and have had NO returns, so we are extremely confident with this product. Our standard banner bases come in aluminium silver, with the fold-out feet.

The banners can be used individually or together with other promotional material. They can be packed up easily and reused many times.

We use a polyurethane material, again, which we have been using for years, called Meteor. We have banners that have been put up and down every day for the last 5 years, and are still in great shape – you do need to be a little careful with them – don’t let them go when you are taking them down! The meteor material has a grey back, to prevent show through, and is curl resistant. This is an extremely user friendly product and can be used by small or large businesses to bring your products to the attention of all your interested consumers.

We can make your banners very quickly with your print-ready artwork. Remember all your pictures and fonts must be at least 300dpi. With your excellent artwork, we will have your pull up banner ready for collection, or with the courier, the next day if you are in a hurry!

Dimensions and artwork requirements of your pull-up banner

The printed picture of your pull up banner is 2000mm x 840mm, and we need you to add 10mm to the top of the banner – this goes into the clip at the top of the banner, and 40mm must be added to the base of the banner, as this is the portion that goes into the base as you don’t want to have a white strip at the base of your pull up banner. So when you are designing your pull-up banner, you need to make the artboard size 2050mm x 840mm.

All printed work must come as a pdf please, please, please! (We really don’t want your AI or PSD file.) We can take jpegs as well, but we do prefer pfd’s

If you can outline all text, that is perfect.

All images, logo’s, well everything – must be hi-resolution, or it will not print well. We will always try to spot low rez images, but we sadly cannot be held responsible if your images are supplied at the incorrect resolution. If you have picked a beautiful image from the web, 99% of the time, it will be low-resolution, and will not print well.

Please ensure that your work is supplied as CMYK. This is a common error when images are picked from the web, as these are low-rez, RGB colours, and there will be colour variations if we print RGB. Again, we will try to identify RGB or Spot colours, but it is your graphic designer’s responsibility to ensure that the work is correctly sent to us (even if you are the graphic designer!)

If you are designing in photoshop, please save it as a press quality pdf, not the default, which (usually) is high quality. This option is at the top of the list and will make your file HUGE, and will be very difficult for us to manage. We really battle with files over 100Mb.

Pull Up Banners are used most effectively at your company’s exhibition display and at presentations, where they are your silent salesman behind your presenter, re-enforcing your brand or subject.

A pull-up banner stand can be positioned individually or in combination with other display products for extra impact. It takes less than a minute to pack away a pull-up banner, and have it ready for use again.

All banners are printed in high resolution, photo quality, guaranteeing a great result.

For any questions about your pull up banner, give Guy a call on 0421 840 465, we would love to help you with your next project.

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