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How to set up a booklet and send it to us

How to set up a booklet Booklets and magasines are quite tricky to set up correctly to get them setup so that we can get your booklets printed for you correctly, and don’t have to send them back to you to change and resubmit, which is always annoying and slows down the project. Print ready artwork If you provide us with ‘Print ready’ artwork this means you will have

How to send us your artwork

How to send us your artwork for printing Gold Coast One of the most difficult parts of your project is working out how to send us your artwork. You have completed your beautiful design, you send it to us, and we send it back, saying we want something changed, which is completely confusing, and in gobbledeegook!! If we are able to make small changes to get the work good
How to make flyers - printing Gold Coast

How to make a Flyer – Gold Coast Printing Services

HOW TO MAKE A FLYER It is really challenging when trying to find out how to make a flyer, so here are some tips to help you get this done. If you are going to brief a graphic designer to do your artwork for you, make a simple representation of the desired artwork. So if you are going to brief for a DL flyer, fold an A4 piece of

How to create a Pull-up Banner

How to create a Pull up banner  Everyone loves a pull up banner as they are very easy to use and are able to carry your visual message with outstanding effect. They can be carried to the location where they will be used by a single person and installed within a minute of arrival. They can be used to create a high impact for exhibitions, presentations or for more general

How to design your pull up banner.

How to design your Pull up banner Inside banners are a different type of banners to their outdoor cousins.  The most common type of indoor banner that we make are pull up banners. These can be used very effectively for getting your message to your audience at a show, display or presentation.  Pull up banners are light, very easy to transport and can be put up and taken down in
Business Cards

How to Make a Great Business Card

How To Make a Great Business Card Business cards are the lasting impression of you and your business. Your business card can be either thrown away when you give it to someone or kept for reference in the near or distant future. Making your business card great, the one which will be kept and referenced by your contacts, is a vitally important asset to you and your business. How
vinyl sign installation

How To Install a Vinyl Sticker or Sign

Basic Instructions on how to install a Vinyl Sticker or Sign. The size of your sticker will make a very big difference as to how difficult it is to install your sticker, it goes without saying that the larger the sticker or decal (same thing), the more difficult it will be to do the install! To make your vinyl sticker installation as simple as possible, try to be inside