• A3-Folded

    A3 Flyers

    Size = 420mm x 297mm

    Double the size of an A4 flyer, A3 flyers make great posters, and are very cost effective. These can be printed on both sides, and if you fold them in half, you get a great small brochure.

    Ask us about how to get these designed for you quickly and easily.


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  • A4-Flyers

    A4 Flyers

    297mm x 210mm, are our most common form of flyers. These can be folded in 3 to DL, or in half to 4. Print these in full colour on one or both sides, and get them made in the stock that most suites your application, which could range from 80 bond to 350 gsm board.

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  • Print Brochures

    A5 flyers

    Size = 210mm x 148mm

    A5 flyers are easy to hand out and can contain a large amount of information. Most commonly made on 150gsm gloss, however any stock that you would like can be used.

    If you need some help with your project, be sure to give us a call on 1300 761 400, we are always glad to help.

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  • A6-Postcard

    A6 Postcards

    Half the size of A5, so ¼ the size of A4, these are the most common size for postcards. If you are ordering postcards, they should be done in thick matte stock, or could be done in Cast Stock. Give us a call to find out what stock would be best for your project.

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  • DL-Flyers

    DL Flyers

    Size = 210mm x 99mm

    These are the second most common size of collateral that we print. These are “envelope” sized, and can be done in almost any stock. These can also be laminated to give them that extra pizzaz. We will always recommend to our clients that you use both sides of the DL, even in black and white, as this will add very little onto the cost of the project, but will add an additional message to give to your clients.

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