We love printing posters, as the results are often spectacular, and we love to see what people do to make their posters look outstanding.

Posters are usually printed as A1 size (841mm x 594mm), A2 size (594mm x 420mm) or A3 (420mm x 297mm), but we can print these to any size that you want, just ask us or Ph 0421 840 465.

There is a difference in how we make posters of different sizes. We make posters larger that A3, on our totally awesome Wide Format printer, so these take a little longer to print (about an hour), but A3 posters are printed on our digital machine, so are done at lightning speed, and the cost per unit is much lower. We do have a minimum number of A3 posters of 20, but give us a call to discuss on 0421 840 465

A1 and A2 Posters are also printed on a different material, and have an fabulous finish. If you are going to put your poster into a clip frame, ensure that you have the correct size to account for the portion of the poster that is going to go under the clip, and ensure that nothing important on your artwork is going to be covered up by the frame.

We can print your posters in either gloss or matte, just ask us, and don’t forget to laminate if you really want your gorgeous picture to POP.

We are able to do short runs of posters really fast, just let us know if we need to hit the “panic button.”

A1 and A2 posters don’t need any bleed, so make them to size if you can and send us your print ready pdf, and we’ll get cracking asap. Your A3 Posters will need 3mm internal and 3mm external bleed, ask for advice on how to set up the artwork properly.