A2 Posters

A2 Posters are probably our most popular size of posters that we make. You will be familiar with these in the entrances to clubs and RSL’s.  Like all our posters, our A2 Posters are printed in High resolution, in gloss or matte, printed on specialty posterplus paper, our speciality. (594mm x 420mm)

Remember we can print any poster any size, we don’t have to be at the Imperial (or A sizes), so you can make your poster almost any custom size, just let us know, and we can work out a price for you.

With all our posters, we can roll them up, put them into a tube and post or courier them to you just about anywhere. All posters are not really good travelers and although we wrap them as well as we can, they do sometimes get damaged in transit, so if you are near us on the Beautiful Gold Coast, come in to collect, and say “Hi”.

Artwork on A2 posters like these, as with all artwork on all of your work,  is critical – all images MUST be hi-rez (at least 300dpi), and for your A2 Poster, we don’t need any bleed, as our wonderful Roland printer, will print these accurately, and we can trim these to the edge of your work, no problem.

Please ensure that all text is outlined, and we really don’t want your illustrator or photoshop file, much as they may be pretty, we really want your pdf. If you have to send us your jpeg, that’s fine as well – remember that if you are going to save a file from word to a pdf, you must check it really carefully, as things can change when you save files to pdf. Please outline your text if you can and ensure that all your colours are CMYK to prevent colour changes. If this is all gobbledigook, please send us your file, and we’ll have a look and let you know that all is ok, or if we need any changes made, and remember that you can call Guy on (07) 5636 7736 anytime to discuss.

If your file is under 8Mb, you should be able to attach it to your email, or alternatively, you can use, which is a great free program that we use often, and works a treat.

If your artwork is good to go, we can get your A2 Posters printed fast. We do like to give your posters 24 hours to dry if we can, but let us know if you want them faster, as we will put the work under the fans to help them dry. Give us a call to discuss.