Printing Photographs

Printing Photographs

Printing Photographs is something many clients want us to do, and often want the photo’s enlarged… They are often disappointed when we let them know that the awesome photo taken in the 1930’s will not print well..

As a printer, we cannot make a bad, or low rez photo good. You have to go to a graphic designer, who with the wizardry of photoshop, can often make old or poor photo’s look better, which gives them a chance of printing better.

You should always remember that when you are printing photographs, you are often trying to make something small into something big. Think about it this way….

If you have taken a postcard size photo, and enlarged it by 10 times, the dots per inch dpi – (essentially) are divided by 10, so your clarity will drop by 10, which will lead to the print pixelating, and it will look terrible.

If you are going to take a picture for print, you need to set the resolution of your camera very high. On a cell phone, make the picture size as big as you can, this will help enormously when you come to print the piece. If you are having a professional take pictures for you, remember to tell him that you will be printing the pics, he will ensure that you have the correct quality for print.

Clients also ask if we can print scanned images. We can, but generally this is not a good result. If you want a great result from a scan, you need to take your picture to someone who has a hi-rez, photographic scanner. These companies are usually able to give you a reproduction of your picture in high rez, which should print well. A normal scanned image will only print reasonably well.

To Find out more about getting pictures enlarged, or to find out if we can help, give me a call on (07) 5636 7736. We have been printing photographs for many customers for a long time,  and would love to assist you with your project.

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