Vinyl Sticker Printing

Vinyl Sticker Printing

Vinyl stickers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and we can just about all of them. We have no “standard vinyl sticker” sizes, and will make custom make your vinyl sticker printing.


It is important to decide what substrate you are going to use to print your stickers. Most of our stickers are done on a 5 year grey back vinyl, which will last a long time, and will not “show through”. We have both matte and gloss vinyl, so you can decide on a gloss finish for a bright look. To have a more gentle look, select matte.

It is important to test the surface that you are going to be sticking your stickers onto. There are some paints, which are designed so that nothing will stick to them, so be weary of these.

Hi-tack vinyl sticker printing

If you want your stickers to stick to almost anything, ask about our hi-tack vinyl. Hi-tack vinyl has a very aggressive adhesive, and will stick to almost anything. If you are uncertain if your stickers will stick, pop in and see us, we will be happy to give you a piece of vinyl to take with you to test.

Low-tack vinyl sticker printing

Opposite to hi-tack vinyl is low-tack vinyl. If you need the vinyl to come of fairly easily, so that it can be replaced, you should ask about our low-tack vinyl, which will still stick, but will be much easier to take off later than the hi-tack vinyl above.

Top cut sticker printing

We are able to ‘top-cut’ your vinyl sticker printing. We normally supply these types of stickers in strips or sheets, whatever is best for you. We can also cut out shapes if you need them, but there are a few rules with top cutting. It is difficult to cut out “swirly” or thin fonts, so send us your artwork to ensure we can do your job. If you want top cut stickers, please select nice chunky fonts for us to cut out, it makes our lives much easier.

Black the evil colour

Black is the most difficult colour for us to print, so be sure to get your graphic designer to make sure that your black is a “rich black.” Tell your graphic designer to make the black C= 60%, M= 60%, Y = 60% and K = 100% which will work best.

Remember, if you need any questions answered about vinyl sticker printing, just give Guy a call on 0421 840 465, and he will be happy to answer your queries, because he is the nicest printer in the world, just ask him.

If you want to find out more about vinyl sticker printing, have a look at this Wikipedia article – Here