Letterhead Printing


Letterhead printing is often critical to getting your message across to your customers in a more personal and often more formal way.

There are a number of rules when you design your letterheads, with the most important rule being:


As you will be using your letterheads to communicate, it is best not to clutter the background of the letterhead with too much colour or superfluous information. Remember to include only the necessary content on the letterhead, so make sure that you need to provide the information, and avoid making the work appear cluttered.


Watermarks look great on your letterheads, but due to them being really light colours, if you are printing a short run of letterheads (under 1000), they will be printed digitally, and digital printers really battle with printing really really light colours. If you are doing larger numbers, which will be done using the off-set process, this is not as much of a problem.


Always a good idea to google “Letterheads”, and look for images. This will give you hundreds of ideas as to how to design your own unique letterhead. Once you have found something you like, and would like us to design something similar that you know would work for you, save the image and send it to us with your instructions,

Don’t forget that the letterhead should have your contact details, where you put them, is up to you.

Should you use the back?

I am not a fan of printing on the back of a letterhead, as this often will show through to the front, and be a distraction. Also, having a letterhead double sided will increase the cost of the job significantly.

Remember, if you need any questions answered about letterheads, just give Guy a call on 0421 840 465, and he will be happy to answer your queries, because he is the nicest printer in the world, just ask him.

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