Posters Gold Coast

Posters Gold Coast

Local Poster printing, based in the center of the Gold Coast

If you are looking to get Posters Gold Coast printed, you need to look no further than Gold Coast Printers. We are based in Ashmore, conveniently in the center of the Gold Coast.

Our sweet spot – SPEED!!

When clients are looking for Posters Gold Coast, we understand their frustrations, and will work hard to get the posters done as fast as we can. Small runs of Posters Gold Coast are done on our awesome wide format machine. We can laminate your posters to give a totally awesome result. If you need larger runs done of A2 posters, we will do them offset, this will take a little longer.

Artwork, the real problem – resolution is the answer!

The most common error when people are printing Posters Gold Coast. Great pictures are all over the web, but the main problem is that most of the pictures viewed on the web are low resolution. Low rez pictures will not print well, and you cannot turn a low rez picture into a hi-rez picture. If you send me the artwork for your beautiful poster, and it is low rez, it will simply look awful!!

Have a look at which gives more details about how we need you to send us your artwork.

Test us, send us an email.

It is easy to pick a printer, just do the following test.. send a number of printers Gold Coast a quote request and see who responds fastest, or calls you to chat about your project.

To prove this, go here and read some of our reviews, and give us a call….

We believe that we are now one of the top Posters Gold Coast printers, and look forward to helping you  and we will leap into action when we are required. To find out more about posters, go HERE to our website.

To contact us, nip over to, or give us a call on (07) 5636 7736, as we would love to chat to you.

We really try to be a one stop shop for our clients for printing services, so we are able to do signage, and well, just about anything.