Pull Up Banners

To set up a pull-up banner is simple: (Well…. sort of….)

The printed size of the banner is 2000mm x 840mm. (So this is the size of the banner that you will actually see.)

You need to add 10mm of “bleed” onto the top of the banner, as this goes into the clip at the top of the banner, and 40mm of extra “bleed” at the base of the banner, as this goes into the mechanism at the bottom of the banner.

All artwork should come as pdf’s, and please be sure to use high-resolution images so that your banner will print beautifully.

The pull-up banners come with a handy carry case and have fold-out feet as shown in the image.

We can get banners made fast when you have an emergency, just ask us to hit the panic button!

We can use many different types of bases and can make your banners in larger sizes if you want. Call Guy on 0421 840 465 to discuss further.