Custom Made Cards

Custom Made Cards

Custom Made Cards

We can easily custom make birthday cards, Christmas cards, Mothers day cards, Fathers day cards, well almost any type of card that you can think of. We can also make them nearly any size that you want, up to 450mm x 320mm when opened out. These are a fantastic way to give a unique card, or cards to anyone.


to get the artwork right on this, is really quite simple, take a blank A4 piece of paper, and fold it in half. Then, draw what you want on the front page, so something like “Picture 1 here”, and “Picture 2 here. Then add the content that you want, “Happy Birthday Dad,” or anything! If you want a lot of content, just type the content in your email. If you have a particular font that you want, let us know, and if it is an unusual font, just send it to us. If you want a specific background colour, or watermark, send this to us.

Rinse and repeat for page two (Inside left), Page 3 (Inside right)and the back page. ¬†Please name the pictures that you send us as picture 1, Picture 2 etc, don’t call the picture “Sally with the dog!”

We’ll then make your card for you and send you a digital proof back for you to approve. You must check this VERY CAREFULLY. You get one edit included in the price, which you probably won’t need if you have sent us a good brief.

Once you have sent the approved card back to us, we will go to print.

If this is all gobbledigook, please send us your file, and we’ll have a look and let you know that all is ok, or if we need any changes made, and remember that you can call Guy on (07) 5636 7736 anytime to discuss.

If your file is under 8Mb, you should be able to attach it to your email, or alternatively, you can use, which is a great free program that we use often, and works a treat.

The paperwork and what you get.

You need to let us know how many cards you want. There is a $40.00 + gst charge for the setup and 10 cards – closed size is A4.

Your cards will be printed on 350gsm stock, in gloss or matte, you can decide. If you are going to write on the card, which you probably are, you should use Matte. The cards will be scored, and shrink wrapped.

If you want a special stock, you are more than welcome to find the stock and bring it to us for us to print your cards. Please be aware, that we cannot get every type of stock through our machine, and we have to charge to do a test run. Stocks that are “mottled” (so they have an “orange peel” finish) generally will not print well, and coloured stock will alter the colours of your pictures.

We will send you a quote according to your quote request. All you need to do is to approve the quote and send it back. Once we receive the approved quote, we will send you an invoice, and you can pay for the work directly from that email with your credit card. Once that happens, you need to send us your pictures as per above, and we will get cracking with your proof for you asap.

Remember that you can call us on (07) 5636 7736 at any time to discuss.