Artwork for Pictures, Banners and Posters

Artwork for Pictures, Banners and Posters

This is how we want your artwork for your Pictures

All printed work must come as a pdf please, please, please! (We really don’t want your Pub, word,  AI or PSD file.) We can take jpegs as well, but we do prefer pfd’s. Please be careful when saving files to pdf’s, especially from word, as they can “reflow” and occasionally will drop words out, so once you have saved the pdf, please remember to proof-read the document again, and again, and again, and again…. (get my drift!)

If you can outline all text, that is perfect.

All images, logo’s, well everything – must be hi-resolution, or it will not print well. We will always try to spot low rez images, but we sadly cannot be held responsible if your images are supplied at the incorrect resolution. If you have picked a beautiful image from the web, 99% of the time, it will be low-resolution, and will not print well.

Please ensure that your work is supplied as CMYK. This is a common error when images are picked from the web, as these are low-rez, RGB colours, and there will be colour variations if we print RGB. Again, we will try to identify RGB or Spot colours, but it is your graphic designers responsibility to ensure that the work is correctly sent to us (even if you are the graphic designer!)

If you are designing in photoshop, please save as a press quality pdf, not the default, which (usually) is high quality. This option is at the top of the list and will make your file HUGE, and will be very difficult for us to manage. We really battle with files over 100Mb.

Contact us BEFORE you start!

Remember to discuss how to set up your artwork before you start with your project with us as the artwork gets a bit tricky for thicker projects, and chat to us about the covers for the booklets as well, so call Guy on 1300 761 400 to discuss your artwork. Guy is always happy to have a chat.

We can get your  posters, banners, pictures, well almost anything made really fast for you in an emergency, give us a call on 0421 840 465, or send us a quote request from our contact page HERE