Business Cards – Gold Coast

Business Cards – Gold Coast

Do you want to print business cards on the Gold Coast, you should be talking to us.

Business cards are given a hard time, but just see how much of a hard time you have if you arrive at a meeting without one of the much maligned business cards. I have a number of my techie friends who say that they no longer carry business cards, they “share” their detail. I am a big buyer of new technologies, but the problem arises when the shared data goes missing, is not able to be found. People like to have a physical business card.

We are often asked what types of business cards we can print. We print primarily 2 types of business cards –  Gold Coast.  Remember, to keep things simple, it makes no difference if you print your cards single or double sided, in full colour or black and white. The only price difference comes in with the different types of cards that you may select.

We can add a variety of embelishments to your cards such as Metallic, emboss, cornered or Spot UV options, just ask us about these.

Executive Business Cards

We can make these business cards fast –  printed on 310gsm stock in gloss or matte. If you need your cards in the next 24 hours and have your print ready artwork ready to go, these are the cards for you, we can usually get them done overnight, or sometimes on the same day, depending on how busy we are. They do not have any laminate, and are in thinner paper than our prestige cards.

We suggest these types of cards for bulk give away cards, so these are great for appointment cards, which are being used frequently by doctors or other professionals, who write the time of the next appointment on the back, and give the card to the client. These are then thrown away by the client after the appointment.

Prestige Business Cards

These are the cards that you should be using for your business. They are printed on 420gsm stock, can be gloss or matte, and are laminated. These are a great way to represent your brand, and take a couple of days to make. We sturdy cards are a great way to represent your business, they are a great thickness, and the laminate gives them extra body in gloss or matte, whichever you prefer.

We believe that we are now the top business card printer on the Gold Coast, and look forward to servicing  your printing needs when we are required to do so.

Remember, we not only print these types of cards, but can emboss, deboss, UV Varnish, corner, drill, well you name it, we are able to print almost any type of card that you may require. .

We really try to be a one stop shop for our clients, so we are able to do all types of signage, digital print, books, and well, just about anything.

We also happen to think we are the friendliest printers in the world, have a look at our ratings