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Presentation folders – A quick overview

There you are , spending hundreds of hours preparing for the best presentation you can give to your client. Now you need to hand out something to leave with your newly conquered client, that will represent you, your company and your brand. Presentation folders are absolutely perfect for this.


There are some anomaly’s with presentation folders, that can change the cost considerably. We have many different templates, and we recommend that you keep the folders standard to keep your costs down. If you need a special template made for your  folders, we will have to make a new “knife” to get your shape. This is time consuming and costly, so better to let us send us our templates and you can decide which one fits  your project best. Most presentation folders are supplied flat, and our clients then put them together using the clips. This also saves lots of your precious budget.

What stock should I use?

We make out presentation folders primarily out of 350gsm or 420gsm stock. The thicker, the better, but… thicker stock adds to the expense. The shape and whether or not you have business card slits in the pocket depend on how you want the folder styled.


You can decide if you want colour on the outside or the inside as well. Obviously, colour on the inside of the folder adds to the cost of the presentation folder, but may be worth it for you, this will be a corporate decision that you need to make. Colour on the flaps is counted as the outside, so it is not a double sided folder if you want colour on the flaps. There is an option where the bottom flap is stuck using double sided tape. This is a time consuming exercise and is expensive to have done, as it is done manually. 

Gusset, what the heck is a gusset?

As printers we are determined to confuse everyone! A gusset is simply a spine, so if you want to have more than about 12 pages in your presentation folder, you should add a gusset or spine. This will let you insert more content into your folder.

Graphic design, quantities and timing

Pricing on your presentation folders has a lot to do with quantities, as there is a lot of set up to get your folders done for you, so the more you get done, the smaller your cost per unit will be, so give us a call for a quote.

Usually presentation folders take 5 – 7 days to get completed, but we can also get them done to give to the couriers the next day. Sadly we do have to bill to get these done super fast, but if you need them turned around really quickly, give us a call and we will do our best to get something worked out for you.

We are also able to help with the graphic design of your presentation folder, just give us a call, or send us a quote request. For your artwork, please give us 3mm internal and 3mm external bleed, make sure that all your images are hi-rez, and that you send us a pdf, so that we can get this going for you.

To find out more about Presentation folders and how we can help, go HERE