Saddle stitched (Stapled) Booklets

Saddle Stitched, also know as “Stapled Booklets”

Stapled booklets are also know in “printerspeak” as saddle stitched booklets. This is the method of making  booklets from 8 pages to around 60 pages (anything thicker gets a bit cumbersome.)

There are many different types of paper that you can use to make up your work, and the selection of the paper is crucial to how your project is going to turn out. Booklets can be self-cover, or hard cover. Self-cover implies that the same stock on the inside pages is used for the cover. This is a good way to go about things, if you are going to be making your booklets in high bulk. If you want to make more of an impression, you should consider changing the covers to 250gsm stock, and keep the insides to 150gsm stock. This gives a really professional finish to the work. If you want to step this up once more, we can laminate the covers for you as well, which really adds “bounce” to your work, and will make the booklet stand out.

Remember that we can only make booklets in multiples of 4 pages, so 4,8,12,16 etc. If you have designed your booklet with a different number of pages, you will need to add or subtract pages to get to the multiple of 4.

We are able to help with every aspect of making up your booklets. Art work and design are our specialty as in booklet making there are some problems to be aware of such as “creep”. Creep occurs with thicker booklets when the paper being folded begins to project beyond the edge ,so the artwork must take this into consideration. There are also issues that must be taken into consideration around “Bleed,” so it is a good idea to give us a call before you start your design, so you can get your basic template sorted out correctly before you start.

You can always decide to print your work landscape. This adds quite a big chunk to the price, because we have to print on much larger sheets of paper to accommodate the side to side width of your awesome masterpiece.

You can make your stapled booklets almost any size you want. A3 folded to A4 is a really good size, and can hold masses of information –  the closed size of the book is A4. The next standard size down is A4 folded to A5, so your finished work of art is A5 and so on. We can also do custom sized booklets for you  – a really nice size  is 210mm x 210mm, which obviously comes out as a square, and is a really nice size.

Remember to discuss how to set up your artwork with us as the artwork gets a bit tricky for thicker projects, and chat to us about the covers for the booklets as well.

We can get your saddle stitched (Stapled) booklets made really fast for you in an emergency, give us a call on 0421 840 4656, or send us a quote request from our contact page HERE