Sticker Printing

Sticker Printing

Sticker printing can be seriously confusing! This is a short article on how to get your sticker printing correct.

What is the difference between stickers decals and labels, and what substrate (the stuff we print your stickers on) should I use?

These titles are used almost interchangeably these days. It is however very important for you to let us know what you are going to be using the stickers for, so we can decide on the best material for your project. Do you want your sticker printing to be used inside our outside? If so you will need them to  be printed on long lasting vinyl, and maybe add a laminate so that they look awesome for a really long time? We will also need to know the size of the stickers so that we can quote, this does not have to be super accurate for the quote but will have to be exact for the artwork.

If your sticker printing project is going to go on bottles that are going to be refrigerated, we will need to know this, as the cold and damp require a specific type of vinyl.

When you talk to us about your sticker printing project, we may ask you a number of questions, so that we can identify what is going to be the best vinyl to use.  If you are going to be placing your stickers onto paper bags, where they will not need to survive for long, we would use a much cheaper, 1 year vinyl, or may even decide that you should be using a paper (Jac) label stock.  If however, your stickers we’re going to be going outside and we’re going to be exposed to the elements, then we would use a 5 vinyl. We would also discuss the option of laminating your stickers.

Adding a laminate to sticker printing ensures that the ink is protected from the elements by a clear plastic film, which will prevent it from being scratched or damaged by detergents, making them easy to clean, and ensuring that they will look great for a long time. If you are going to be adding stickers to something outside, you really have to laminate your stickers.

Paper labels are not made on material suitable for outdoors – These are quite often referred to as “Jac” labels. They are much like the labels that you use to identify your kid’s school books. The ink and the material used to print your labels will also be only suitable for indoor use. You will see these in stores, in shipping, packaging, etc and they will often come on rolls of paper or on top cut sheets. Labels like these are usually printed in bulk and are much cheaper per unit. The labels come in many shapes and sizes and are precut, so we will have to find the best pre-cut shape that will suit your needs.

We can top cut or kiss cut stickers. This means that we get our awesome Roland machine to cut around a pre-defined border that you want, so if you want a sticker of Donald Duck, you will have the sticker cut around the outside. Remember that it is difficult for our machine to cut skinny fonts, so try to make your fonts bold, or keep the cut lines further than 4mm away from each other. (Call me to discuss this before you get going with your project.)

There are also different types of adhesive, ranging from very low-tac vinyl, so that they come off easily, to hi-tac vinyl, which is designed to stick like doo-doo to a blanket! (Can I say that?)

These are just a few of the different types of vinyl that we can complete your sticker printing project on.

Be sure that you obtain the correct adhesive and the correct quality for your stickers which will match the purpose that you need the stickers for,  and we at Gold Coast Printers will be happy to discuss all these options with you, so give us a call on 0421 840 465.

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