Banners – Gold Coast

Banners- Go on SHOW OFF!!

Banners – Gold Coast are probably the best and cheapest way of reaching your market. Driving along the motorway your eye can be caught by two or three words on a banner spanning a bridge over the road or simply by a colorful pull up banner outside a business. Thousands of people will have seen it daily and it is bound to make an impact which imprints your name on their minds

It is very important that the quality of printing on the banner, be it big or small, is vital to its success. Good,strong colors and clear print combined with a few well chosen words will bring your business into the sight and mind of many prospective clients at a minimal cost. With your banner design it is really  important to remember that less is more. People have a very  short amount of time to be able to read what is on your banner, so keep it short to the point and make it really punchy!

It is quite often a good idea to hang your banner so that it flaps a bit,  this will often catch people’s eye  as they drive past. Obviously you will need to be aware of any safety issues and insure that the banner doesn’t get Tangled or create a hazard.

How to finish your banner

Banners are printed on a variety of materials so give us a call on 0421 840 465 and let us chat to you about your banner project, so that we can decide which one is suitable for your purpose and budget. You will also be able to discuss design features with us so that the best result is achieved.

Banners are primarily made for use outside, inside and we make many banners for shows.  all these different types of banners are constructed differently  so please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Remember that large banners can act as sails, so you need to be a bit careful of what you put them against and how you hang them if they are in a windy area.

We can make Banners – Gold Coast almost any size, and can finish them in a variety of ways for you sewn with eyelets, welded ropes, Kedar, you name it, we do it.

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