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Canva – an awesome tool  is an awsome program. Canva was developed here in Australia, and works like a charm. If you are going to be doing many designs, I would highly recommend subscribing to the website, it is excellent. Just remember to download your awesome creation,  and save for print once you have done your work, and send us the print ready pdf. Also, remember to click the bleed and crop marks box.


It is really challenging when trying to find out how to make a flyer, so here are some tips to help you get this done.

If you are going to brief a graphic designer to do your artwork for you, make a simple representation of the desired artwork. So if you are going to brief for a DL flyer, fold an A4 piece of paper in 3, and tear off a third, this is the size of a DL flyer. Then, draw what you want on the piece, and give instructions like this..

Logo here

Background colour to be this blue

Content here

Picture 1 here

Picture 2 here

Type your content onto an email, or in a word document, and spell check it carefully. This will give your graphic designer a really good idea as to what you want. Do this for the back as well, and you will be well on your way to knowing how to design a flyer.


if you are going to be using your flyers for marketing, rather than for information, remember, less is more! Decide on one, primary message, and decide on the sub-messages depending on the size of the flyer, so if you are designing a DL flyer, you don’t have as much space as on an A4 flyer, so take this into account when you are preparing your brief. A cluttered flyer is difficult to read.


Most of us really like to see pictures, and will much prefer to look at visually appealing pictures when we see marketing material. Ensure that any images or logo’s that you use are consistent with your corporate marketing material, and really should be of excellent quality. Poor pictures will detract from your message.


Always a good idea to google “how to make a flyer” and look for inspiration from your compatriots in the Googleverse. This will give you hundreds of ideas as to how to design your own flyer, and you can look at layouts that you find appealing. Once you have found something you like, and would like us to design something similar that you know would work for you, save the image and send it to us with your instructions, to your graphic designer.

Don’t forget that your flyers should have your contact details, where you put them, is up to you.

Should you use the back?

This is simple – OF COURSE!

Remember, the better the brief, the more you save.

Artwork is usually charged by the hour, so a brief that says “please design me a happy A4 flyer”, could take hours of time, as “happy” is subjective. Most people have a very good idea as to what they want, and if you send the brief as I have suggested above, we can get this done, usually, in about an hour.

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Remember, if you need to find out more on how to make a flyer, just give Guy a call on 0421 840 465, and he will be happy to answer your queries, because he is the nicest printer in the world, just ask him.

If you want to find out more about Flyers, have a look at this Wikipedia article – Here